Free Baseball and NFL Picks

NFL Picks

20.09.2020Dallas - AtlantaHome -213?
20.09.2020New York Jets - San FranciscoOver 39.5 -165?
15.09.2020Denver - TenneesseeAway -164?
14.09.2020LA Rams - DallasAway -137L
13.09.2020Carolina - Las Vegas RaidersAway -149W
13.09.2020New Orleans - Tampa BayHome -185W
12.09.2020Florida - Georgia TechOver 51.5 -113L
12.09.2020Texas - UTSAUnder 61.5 -159L
11.09.2020Kansas - HoustonUnder 57.5 -163W
20.01.2020San Francisco - Green Bay PackersOver 40.5 -208W
19.01.2020Kansas - TennesseeUnder 56.5 -182W
14.01.2020LSU - ClemsonUnder 72.5 -200W
13.01.2020Green Bay Packers - SeattleHome -4.5 -111W
07.01.2020Miami Ohio - LouisianaUnder 57.5 -175W
05.01.2020Philadelphia - SeattleAway -120W
05.01.2020New Orleans - MinnesotaOver 46.5 -161L
04.01.2020Houston - Buffalo BillsHome -147W
03.01.2020Nevada - OhioUnder 61.5 -167W
02.01.2020Baylor - GeorgiaHome -167L
02.01.2020Cincinnati - Boston CollegeOver 51.5 -217L
01.01.2020Alabama - MichiganOver 54.5 -175L
01.01.2020Texas - UtahOver 51.5 -196L
30.12.2019Seattle - San FranciscoAway -175W
30.12.2019Illinois - CaliforniaOver 39.5 -196?
29.12.2019Tampa Bay - Atlanta FalconsOver 42.5 -210W
29.12.2019Cincinnati - ClevelandAway -152L
27.12.2019Temple - North CarolinaOver 48.5 -187W
27.12.2019Wake Forest - Michigan StateAway -185W
23.12.2019Marshall - UCFOver 55.5 -222W
22.12.2019UAB - Appalachian StateOver 43.5 -196W
22.12.2019Arkansas State - FIUOver 55.5 -189W
21.12.2019Tampa Bay - HoustonAway -169W
21.12.2019New England Patriots - BuffaloOver 32.5 -211W
20.12.2019Charlotte - BuffaloAway -3.5 -172W

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Baseball Picks

19.09.2020Detroit - ClevelandAway -196?
19.09.2020Boston - New York YankeesAway -192?
18.09.2020Houston - TexasHome -244W
18.09.2020New York Yankees - TorontoHome -233W
17.09.2020Miami Marlins - BostonHome -141W
17.09.2020Baltimore - AtlantaAway -172L
16.09.2020Houston - TexasHome -217W
16.09.2020Colorado - OaklandAway -169W
15.09.2020Baltimore - AtlantaAway -164L
14.09.2020LA Dodgers - HoustonHome -122W
13.09.2020Kansas - PittsburghHome -122W
13.09.2020Arizona - SeattleHome -167L
12.09.2020Miami Marlins - PhiladelphiaAway -156L
12.09.2020Texas - OaklandAway -172W
11.09.2020Tampa Bay - BostonHome -208LOSE
11.09.2020Chicago Cubs - CincinnatiAway -141LOSE
10.09.2020Oakland - HoustonHome -167W
10.09.2020Atlanta - Miami MarlinsHome -137W
08.09.2020Cleveland - KansasHome -208L
08.09.2020San Diego - ColoradoHome -222W
07.09.2020Chicago Cubs - St.LouisHome -122L
06.09.2020New York Mets - PhjiladelphiaHome -149W
06.09.2020San Francisco - ArizonaHome -122W
05.09.2020Tampa Bay - Miami MarlinsHome -139W
05.09.2020Cleveland - MilwaukeeHome -145L
04.09.2020Boston - TorontoAway -123W
04.09.2020LA Dodgers - ArizonaOver 7.5 -154L
03.09.2020Kansas - ClevelandAway -161W
03.09.2020LA Angels - San DiegoAway -172W
01.09.2020Colorado - San DiegoHome -114L
01.09.2020Boston - AtlantaAway -192W
30.08.2020Texas - LA DodgersAway -154W
30.08.2020Houston - OaklandHome -132W
28.08.2020Arizona - ColoradoOver 7.5 -160POST
28.08.2020Detroit - MinnesotaAway -159POST
27.08.2020Washington - PhiladelphiaHome -104L
27.08.2020Detroit - Chicago CubsAway -143L
26.08.2020New York Mets - Miami MarlinsHome -200L
26.08.2020Toronto - BostonHome -128L
25.08.2020Arizona - ColoradoHome -164L
25.08.2020Texas - OaklandAway -141L
24.08.2020Atlanta - PhiladelphiaHome -123L
23.08.2020Tampa Bay - TorontoHome -130W
23.08.2020Kansas - MinnesotaAway -159W
22.08.2020LA Dodgers - ColoradoHome -230W
22.08.2020San Francisco - ArizonaHome +100W
21.08.2020San Diego - TexasHome -189W
21.08.2020Pittsburgh - ClevelandOver 7.5 -115L
20.08.2020Colorado - HoustonAway -164W
20.08.2020Seattle - LA DodgersAway -238L
18.08.2020Miami Marlins - New York MetsAway -145L
18.08.2020Baltimore - TorontoAway -143W
17.08.2020New York Yankees - BostonHome -164W
16.08.2020Colorado - TexasHome -167L
16.08.2020Houston - SeattleHome -213W
15.08.2020Miami Marlins - AtlantaHome -104W
15.08.2020Toronto - Tampa BayAway -141L
14.08.2020LA Dodgers - San DiegoHome -141W
14.08.2020Cincinnati - PittsburghHome -192L
13.08.2020Toronto - Miami MarlinsHome -169L
13.08.2020Houston - San FranciscoHome -200W
12.08.2020Toronto - Miami MarlinsHome -182W
12.08.2020Cleveland - Chicago CubsHome -149L
11.08.2020Detroit - Chicago White SoxAway -154L
11.08.2020Boston - Tampa BayAway -115W
10.08.2020Chicago White Sox - ClevelandOver 7.5 -111W
09.08.2020Washington - BaltimoreHome -192L
09.08.2020New York Mets - Miami MarlinsHome -164W
08.08.2020Kansas - MinnesotaAway -167L
08.08.2020Oakland - HoustonHome -105W
07.08.2020Atlanta - TorontoHome -130W
07.08.2020Philadelphia - New York YankeesAway -156L
06.08.2020Seattle - Los Angeles AngelsAway -147L
06.08.2020Arizona - HoustonAway -164L
04.08.2020Atlanta - New York MetsAway -123L
04.08.2020Colorado - San FranciscoHome -147W
02.08.2020Atlanta - New York MetsHome -123W
02.08.2020Minnesota - ClevelandHome -123W
01.08.2020Seattle - OaklandAway -192L
01.08.2020Arizona - Los Angeles DodgersAway -137L
31.07.2020Milwaukee - St.Louis CardinalsAway -143VOID
30.07.2020New York Mets - Boston Red SoxHome -192L
30.07.2020Toronto - WashingtonAway -169W
28.07.2020Houston - SeattleHome -278W
28.07.2020Tampa Bay - Atlanta BravesHome -154W
26.07.2020Cleveland - KansasHome -250W
26.07.2020Cincinnati - DetroitHome -213L
25.07.2020Oakland - Los Angeles AngelsHome -147W
25.07.2020San Diego - ArizonaHome -135W
24.07.2020New York Yankees - WashingtonHome -135L
24.07.2020Los Angeles Dodgers - San Francisco GiantsHome -285W
10.03.2020San Francisco - Chicago CubsHome -127L
10.03.2020Miami Marlins - WashingtonHome -119W
09.03.2020Arizona - KansasHome -149W
09.03.2020Houston - DetroitHome -196L
08.03.2020Boston - MinesotaHome -108W
08.03.2020Washington - DetroitHome -175L
07.03.2020St.Louis Cardinals - HoustonHome -128W
07.03.2020San Francisco - Chicago White SoxHome -112W
06.03.2020Detroit - PhiladelphiaHome -115L
06.03.2020Toronto - PittsburghHome -133L
05.03.2020Seattle - San DiegoHome -122L
05.03.2020Tampa Bay - PittsburghHome -172W
04.03.2020Arizona - ClevelandHome -123L
04.03.2020Los Angeles Angels - SeattleHome -164W
03.03.2020Atlanta - Tampa BayHome -128L
03.03.2020Chicago White Sox - OaklandHome -128L
02.03.2020Toronto - PittsburghHome -143W
02.03.2020Arizona - San FranciscoHome -145L
01.03.2020Tampa Bay - MinnesotaHome -127W
01.03.2020Los Angeles Dodgers - Texas RangersHome -167L
29.02.2020Seattle - KansasHome -143L
29.02.2020Baltimore - Miami MarlinsHome -132W
28.02.2020Arizona - SeattleHome -147L
28.02.2020Cincinnati - OaklandHome -137W
31.10.2019Houston - WashingtonOver 6.5 -164W
30.10.2019Houston - WashingtonOver 5.5 -240W

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