Autopsy reveals

The authorities are still investigating the details around Kobe Bryant’s tragic death in January. As you probably remember, Black Mamba’s helicopter crashed down on January 26 in the region of Calabasas, California. Eight other people died on the scene, including Bryant’s daughter Gianna. There is some news regarding this incident, so let’s take a look while we prepare some of the best parlay bets this week.

A piece of new information regarding the helicopter’s pilot was revealed to the press. The pilot, who’s name was Ara Zobayan, has been sober during the flight, his autopsy reveals. As for Kobe Bryant, they have found the substance methylphenidate in his system. Usually, this is sold under the name Ritalin, and it’s used for the treatment of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) and narcolepsy.

The foggy, atmospheric conditions remain the biggest reason for the crash, we can confirm now. The pilot Ara Zobayan probably climbed, trying to escape the fog and the clouds, but he led the machine right towards the near hillside.

The coroner’s report is definitive: it was a blunt force trauma which caused the death of all nine passengers on the board of the helicopter. According to the report, there have been “broken bones and dismembered body parts” found at the scene of the crash.

At the same time, Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa started legal action after the horrific crash. She’s suing the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, because of released photos of the crash scene, as well the pilot Zobayan’s estate for the death of her husband and daughter.

The investigation of the helicopter crash continues, although the process was slowed down because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the latest news regarding Kobe Bryant’s tragic death in January. The investigation is still going, so we hope that we will have even more information about what really happened in the future. Meanwhile, stay with us and wait for the best parlay bets this week.