Coronavirus oubreak: LeBron James will refuse to play in empty arenas

The NBA continues to think about the coronavirus outbreak and how to deal with this global problem. They told the teams that they must prepare to play in empty arenas, because getting too many people at the same place is dangerous right now. But how Los Angeles Lakers’ super star LeBron James responded to this? Let’s see, while we get you some more free sports picks.

LeBron James said there’s “absolutely no way” for him playing in front of empty stands. “That’s impossible. My teammates and my fans – this is who I play for. If there ain’t no fans, I’m not playing” – this is King James responded after being asked the question. This happened just minutes after he scored 37 points for Lakers’ 113-103 win against Milwaukee Bucks on Friday. And you can be sure that nobody can make LeBron play if he doesn’t want to.

The coronavirus crisis is getting bigger with every next day. The NBA sent a memo to all of the teams that they should prepare for a situation when it’s impossible for the fans to attend basketball games. It’s still not absolutely necessary, but it could be if the amount of people infected with the virus increase.

Another thing which the NBA teams could have to do is doing a regular temperature checks of the players, the staff and everyone else who participate in every basketball event.

We are going to continue following what’s happening with the coronavirus outbreak, because this is clearly affecting the world of sports as well.

This was one of most interesting news regarding coronavirus from the NBA in the last few days. LeBron James says he won’t play without fans. But what about the other stars in the league? We will keep looking at the situation. Meanwhile expect more free sports picks from us.