Free agents in the MLB to keep an eye on

You know us – we already know how to provide you with the best possible MLB picks. And we will continue to do so. We also know how to pick the best and most interesting news for you. That’s exactly what we are going to do today because here are some of the best free agents currently avaliable in the league.

Kyle Schwarber

Probably the biggest names across the free agents in the MLB now. Surprisingly for many, but the Chicago Cubs chose to cut Kyle Schwarber free. He was one of the Cubs’ biggest heroes during the 2016 World Series, but it seems in Chicago they don’t want to live in the past.

Adam Duvall

Another surprising non-tender, isn’t he? Adam Duvall actually did pretty well during the 2020 season when he managed to hit 16 homers in 57 games. We are sure about one thing – he’s going to be wanted man by more than just one or two clubs

Eddie Rosario

The Twins made an interesting decision when they decided to cut Rosario off rather than give him an increase of his wages. The main reason for this is most probably his lack of discipline and free-swinging approach.

Nomar Mazara

Far from surprising, but the White Sox decided to part ways with Nomar Mazara after his dissapointing first season at the franchise. With just one run in 42 games played, we actually expected to see such a development in his career.

David Dahl

Now this is much more of a surprise, because we actually expected that the Rockies would keep David Dahl at the franchise. At the same time his injuries allowed him to play in just 24 games during the season and obviously the Rockies are not okay with that.

That’s some of the best free agents in the MLB right now. Are they going to find new homes? We will see. Meanwhile keep following us and our MLB picks. You won’t get dissapointed.