It was about time – Kevin Durant back in action after 552 days of absence

One of the NBA superstars Kevin Durant is back in action after 552 days of waiting. The 32-years old forward played for a first time for his team Brooklyn Nets. It happened during a game against the Washington Wizards during the pre-season. Let’s discuss it a little bit more during our NBA picks today.

Kevin Durant’s career in Brooklyn didn’t start in the way he wanted. He was signed by the Nets in July 2019 just few weeks after he teared his Achilles tendon with the Golden State Warriors during the NBA finals. The Nets hoped he is going to recover quickly and form a fearsome duo with Kyrie Irving, but it didn’t exactly play out like this. Durant missed the whole previous season in the league while Irving managed to play just 20 games, also being plagued by injuries.

Now both of them are back and both of them faced the Wizards during the pre-season. Durant and Irving made an impression during the first quarter of the game when they scored 21 points in total. Until the end of the game Kevin Durant finished with 15 points while Irving totaled 18. It was a good practice for both of them. It’s exciting times for all of the Nets fans – they know they can expect a lot from these two if they manage to stay healthy.

“It’s great to feel like a player again”, Kevin Durant admitted after the game.

There’s another reason for all the Nets fans to be excited about – this is the debut of the new head coach Steve Nash. We shall see if he’s going to be as good as a coach as he was as a player.

The new NBA season will start soon, so stay with us and our NBA picks today. Good luck!