LeBron James passed John Stockton to prove once again how good he is

If you don’t believe LeBron James is one of the best players in the history of the NBA, everything you need to do is just look at the stats. They will prove you wrong. Are you ready to talk about King James’ stats a little bit? Let’s do it while we are getting ready some free picks and parlays for you.

The Miami Heat won against the Los Angeles Lakers in the Game 3, but LeBron made some crazy numbers again. James managed to surpass the legendary John Stockton when it comes to the total number of postseason assists. At this moment the LA Lakers super star averages 7.2 assists per game when it comes to the playoffs. John Stockton averages 10.1 assists per game in the postseason, but when it comes to concrete numbers James is better.

And this is not LeBron’s only impressive achievement when it comes to the playoffs. He’s currently the leader in terms of postseason points. He’s a little bit under 7,400 postseason points and there’s nobody else who is even at 6,000 at the moment. What’s even more impressive is that LeBron James has the realistic chance to retire as a leader when it comes to both postseason points and postseason assists. These stats are a huge reason to start the same old debate once again – is LeBron James the greatest player in the history of the NBA? Michael Jordan’s fans will probably disagree, but what King James do in terms of stats is just phenomenal. Nobody can argue about this.

These are the news regarding LeBron James we provide you with in our free picks and parlays. We can’t wait for Game 4 between the Lakers and the Heat. We don’t have any doubt that King James is going to shine again.