Legendary director Spike Lee admits: I’m done with the Knicks

The legendary movie director Spike Lee admitted that he’s really fed up with his favourite team New York Knicks. Lee said that he won’t attend any of the Knicks’ games in the Madison Square Garden until the end of the season in the NBA. Let’s see what he really said while we prepare our new free guaranteed sports picks.

Spike Lee is well known as one of New York Knicks’ biggest fans among celebrities, but it seems that his patience right now is quite gone. At this moment the Knicks are 13th in the NBA Eastern Conference with a record of 19 wins and 42 losses, so once again they are missing the playoffs.

Spike Lee gave an interview to the ESPN and he talked about his favourite team’s current situation. Funny enough, he stated that his main reason for skipping the rest of the season is actually a disagreement he had with Madison Square Garden’s officials about the elevator he could use. He weared a Knicks hat during the show and he said “I’m done” when asked about visiting another New York Knicks games.

It seems that Spike Lee’s problems with the MSG elevator came during a good night for the Knicks who achieved a 125-123 win over Houston Rockets. In the same time New York Knicks and the Madison Square Garden officials denied any of Spike Lee’s claims. They said that Lee didn’t want to use the special celebrity elevator in the hall, so he was denied of using the employee elevator.

This is a really awkward info about the New York Knicks right now and probably more entertaining than the season they are having. We will keep an eye for more info about his controversy. Meanwhile stick to our free guaranteed sports picks.