Looking for a manager: Who’s going to coach the Brooklyn Nets next?

The Brooklyn Nets officially announced that Kenny Atkinson have been sacked as a manager of the team. His assistant Jacque Vaughn will be the interim coach now, but it’s obvious that he’s not an option in the long term. So, who’s going to be Brooklyn Nets’ next head coach? Let’s discuss some options while we make some nba picks today for you.

David Fizdale

David Fizdale is once again free after being sacked from the New York Knicks in December. But to be honest – it was not completely his fault that the Knicks underperformed. He expected to coach players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, but they ended at the Brooklyn Nets instead. Fizdale has the potential to do something big in future. Is this going to be with the Brooklyn Nets, though?

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson showed his qualities during his stint of coaching the Golden State Warriors, plus he’s from Brooklyn and he’s very, very personable. We can say he’s very good at coaching defensive minded teams and that’s what could he do with the Nets – turn them into a defensive powerhouse. He’s an interesting option for the Nets indeed.

Mike D’Antoni

Let’s get clear – he’s not at the market now, because he’s still coaching the Houston Rockets. But it’s also his last year with the Rockets, so he could be saying goodbye to the team pretty soon. According to many rumours, this could be his final year in Houston. What we can say about him is that he’s a coach with many innovative ideas and this is what the Brooklyn Nets need right now.

These are three of the options for coaches who can replace the sacked Kenny Atkinson at the Brooklyn Nets. Of course we don’t know just yet what the Nets are preparing to do. But these three guys could do the job for them. For more interesting stuff follow us and our nba picks today.