The San Francisco 49ers are sticking with Jimmy Garoppolo

There is some interesting news regarding San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s situation. And some readers would find these news really surprising. Let’s take a look at it while we continue to prepare some solid NFL odds picks for you.

As you probably know it the 49ers are having some delicate quarterback situation at the moment. The two main options Jimmy Garoppolo and Nick Mullens are both underperforming, but despite this the 49ers are not on the market for a new quarterback this offseason, head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed.

Jimmy Garappolo got sidelined during the Week 8 defeat to the Seahawks. He had passed for only 84 yards before being replaced by Nick Mullens. Mullens played in the last two weeks for the 49ers, but he didn’t impress.

We all thought in San Francisco they’d be looking for a new quarterback, but head coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed he continues to trust Jimmy Garoppolo. “I still expect Jimmy to be our starter next year”, Shanahan confirmed. He reminded everybody that the 49ers still have some games to play this year, too, and he expects to see Jimmy G on the pitch again. “We’re not out of the playoffs yet”, he added.

At this moment Jimmy Garappolo has two years remaining on his contract, so the 49ers could save around 24.1 million in salary cap space on him. Despite of what coach Shanahan said, Jimmy G’s future with the 49ers is still not completely clear.

These are the latest news regarding the San Francisco 49ers and the future of the quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. We expect some movement here so we will try to inform you when we know something new. Meanwhile stay with us and keep following us for some more NFL odds picks. As you already know it, we rarely dissapoint.