Top 5 NFL players under 25 years

We can’t wait to see some NFL action again, so we could keep giving you our premium NFL picks and lead you to big profits. And while we wait to see the best teams at the pitch again, let’s see who we can name in this ranking for the best five NFL players under 25 years.

5) Joey Bosa (Chargers)

We could say that Joey Bosa’s overall sack numbers would be even better if he didn’t miss so much action because of injury problems. Since the day the Chargers selected him, he missed 13 games because of injuries. Despite this, he showed us numerous times what we can do as a DE against the opponents’ quarterbacks. If he manages to stay healthy, he will become even more significant in the future.

4) Quenton Nelson (Colts)

Colts’ offensive lineman had an impressive rookie season, while in 2019, he did find a way to become even better. Just look at the stats – his penalty count dropped from nine to three, while there were no pre-snap penalties. Some people already consider him to be the best guard in the whole NFL.

3) Deshaun Watson (Texans)

In 2019 the Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson proved his worth again. He managed to bring the Texans to the playoffs, throwing for the impressive 26 touchdowns. He also rushed 413 yards. What we can expect from Watson in 2020 is to drag his team to the playoffs for a third consecutive year. It’s a pity that the Texans are not really on the level of their quarterback.

2) Lamar Jackson (Ravens)

Lamar Jackson is the reigning MVP of the NFL – do we need to say more? In 2019 he broke Michael Vick’s record for the most rushing yards in a season by a quarterback. His numbers were absolutely impressive, which led him to win the MVP award. And this was just his first season as a starter. Do you imagine what will happen when he gains some more experience as well?

1) Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)

Is he Patrick Mahomes the best player under 25 years in the NFL? Yes. But is he also the best player in the league? Probably yes again. Being crowned as the MVP in the Superbowl LIV, Patrick Mahomes is a phenomenal player. And he’s just 24-years old, which is the scariest part. Some pundits believe he could become the best quarterback in the history of the NFL, so watch him closely.

These are the five best players in the NFL under 25. Stick to us for more articles like this and some excellent premium NFL picks.