What’s happening with Giannis’ knee? He’s about to get a MRI

Everyone at the Milwaukee Bucks is freaking out over what’s happening with Giannis Antetokounmpo’s left knee. The Bucks announced that Giannis will have a precautionary MRI after having a bad tweak on it during the loss against the Lakers. Here’s what’s happening with one of the league’s best players at the moment. Keep up with us for more news and free guaranteed sports picks.

The Milwaukee Bucks suffered a defeat against the Lakers, but what’s more worrying is that Giannis Antetokounmpo twisted his knee and it was obvious he felt a lof of pain. The game was so intense that Giannis also needed some stiches to fix his lip, which was split open pretty bad.

But of course the situation around his knee is much more important than what’s happenings with his lip. Despite of the pain, Giannis finished the game, which we are not sure it was such a good idea. Now the Bucks want to be sure that everything is fine, so he will have a precautionary MRI of the knee.

It’d be a huge hit for the Bucks if there’s a serious problem with Giannis. He’s one of the best players in the NBA right now and he’s the most important figure in this Bucks team. After the game Giannis told the reporters that his knee is “fine”, but he was also clearly limping in the locker room. With the NBA playoffs just around the corner the Bucks will hope that everything is fine.

Right now the Milwaukee Bucks are leading the Eastern Conference of the NBA with an impressive 53-10 record. They will be contenders for the title this season, that’s clear.

We expect some fresh news about Giannis and his left knee in the coming day. Meanwhile stay prepared to make the best possible bets thanks to our free guaranteed sports picks. We won’t dissapoint you!